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स्वच्छ भारत अभियान

Swachh Bharat Pakhwada initiatives were spread by taking an oath administered by CMD, Mazagon Dock amongst all executives and their families residing in the township within the company premises. Posters and banners were displayed both inside and outside the yard spreading the message of Swachh Bharat. As part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Mazagon Dock conducted Shramadaan in surrounding areas. This way MDL spread the awareness amongst the residents and shop owners at complexes around the Company.

Various activities were conducted in these 15 days.

Date Activities
01 May 16 Swachh Bharat Pakhwada initiatives were further spread by taking an oath administered by CMD, Mazagon Dock amongst all executives and their families residing in the township within the company premises.
02 May 16 Shramadaan within the company was undertaken by all departments of the Company. Thereafter segregation of organic and recyclable wastes at various canteens was conducted communicating to all concerned the ways and means of generating bio-gas and environment conservation.
03 May 16 All Divisions’ designated executives went around the yard within the company premises and also visited various storage areas and explored ways and means of bringing in more organized structure in the existing scrap disposal system.
04 May 16 Cleanliness drive through Shramadaan by executives in Babu Genu Shopping complex outside MDL, children park and within company township was carried out. Shopkeepers apprised about importance and benefits of cleanliness. Then thorough cleaning of internal roads and gardens of MDL residential township was carried out.
05 May 16 Executives covered all the office buildings one by one to interact with employees of individual departments and sections and weed out sizable amount of waste in the form of files, papers and other rubbish. This waste was gathered outside each building for disposal. In all 5 Tonne garbage was disposed off.
06 May 16 Trees were planted and weed was cleared by a team consisting of approx. 100 Executives, 50 non-executives spearheaded by Director (Finance) within MDL residential township.
07 May 16 In all 25 children participated in the painting competition. Children enthusiastically displayed various ideas by drawing a) Gandhiji, b)child sweeping with broom, c) earth with a message of make world clean and green, d)broom and dustbin e)river and jungle with green message etc.
08 May 16 Mumbai based People's Movement team was invited to speak at the Seminar organised by MDL as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Speech centered around Five principles for adoption by Society Resident and Industry to achieve goal of neat clean area with zero garbage output through systematic segregation of garbage into dry garbage (non-biodegradable) and Wet Garbage (biodegradable). The topic was supported with audio-visual presentation and question-answer interaction.
09 May 16 Mini Marathon run was organized between 0730-0930 hours in the company premises covering a circular distance of 3 kms. Three groups each of operatives & CISF, executives and ladies & children of the employees were formed. More than 650 participants completed the run. The marathon was concluded with CMD, MDL's guidance on importance of cleanliness and hygiene in day-to-day life.
10 May 16 Tree plantation in Factory premises and residential township. Arrangement of trees and plants for plantation in the Yard and residential areas.
11 May 16 Pest Control through fumigation and spray of insecticides in the township for prevention of mosquitoes and other insects and outside MDL premises at Babu Genu shopping complex/residential colony and railway tracks.
12 May 16 Cleanliness drive of township drainage system. Cleanliness drive of drainage system of residential areas and area behind Alcock yard canteen.
13 May 16 Essay competition on the subject of importance of cleanliness for employees and their children. Enacting a skit “स्वछता की शुरुआत हमसे” spreading the message of cleanliness and hygiene.
14 May 16 Cleanliness drive of public toilets located in MDL and its workshops.
17 May 16 On completion of the Pakhwada, a concluding ceremony took place under the auspices of CMD, MDL. D(CP&P) opened the event, followed by address by CMD and distribution of prizes to the winners of the various competitive events held during Pakhwada viz. Essay Competition, Drawing Competition, Mini Marathon and Best Garden Development by CMD.

Action taken in the month of April 2015.

Following actions have been undertaken within Mazagon Dock Limited

  • A Committee comprising of 12 Executives has been de dicatedly working for the implementation of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Activities . Director (CP&P)’ circular on the subject issued.
  • Further, Workshop and Block In-charge have been mad e responsible for ensuring cleanliness of respective building/ work station in cluding 15 mtrs area around have been nominated.
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Page updated on 30/06/2015

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